Ceramic Tile:

Typical routine care for glazed ceramic tile includes a routine clean with an all-purpose, non oil-based cleaner. The chosen product should be compatible with grout joint cleaning products. The area should be cleaned with a cleaner solution and applied by the use of a cotton mop, cloth, sponge, or non-metallic brush. Rinse the area with clean water to ensure cleaning solution is removed.

Unglazed tile should be cleaned often using tile cleaners with neutral pH for safe regular usage. The product chosen should also be compatible with cleaning grout joints. For routine cleaning of glass tiles, use a non-abrasive cleaning compound.

Natural Stone:

Because Natural Stone products are more porous, they require a different maintenance program than ceramic tile. Many of the cleaners used for ceramic tile can stain, damage, or dull the look of the stone. Stone floors should be vacuumed or dust mopped frequently and cleaned with neutral cleaners. Only use cleaners specifically designed for cleaning stone. They contain no acids and have neutral pH cleaners. A spray bottle is frequently used to apply the cleaning solution and should be left to sit on the tile for 3-5 minutes. Then solution should be wiped off using a sponge, synthetic mop, soft bristle brush, or a floor-scrubbing machine.

Quarry Tile:

Quarry tile products require a type of topical sealer protection. They provide stain resistance and a durable finish to protect the clay tile. Sealers are essential to the care of Saltillo tile and usually last for 3 years. Concentrated tile cleaners are recommended for routine cleaning.

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